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Mod Title:
Genders 1.0.2
William Jacoby / Igor Wiedler
phpbb Version:


This Modification is a phpBB3 version of my phpBB2 genders mod. It does not have the options that the phpBB2 version has, but you can still change the gender image to text in your template.

Another change is that by default this MOD will use the "minigender" imageset that was already in niels' phpBB2 genders mod. However the other imagesets are still included, and can be found in the /contrib/ folder.

Thanks to following people, who created alternative gender images:
- "mini" imageset by Vinci
- "minigender" imageset from neils gender mod
- "default_darkbg" imageset by DreAdeDcoRpSE
- "(fe)male-images" imageset by Wout -- w00t
- "Planetary" imageset by HCP
- "prosilver" imageset by D-Shadow