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Mods Database

Mod Title Version Description Author Location
ACP Add User MOD 1.1.0  Enables an Administrator to create a new user account through the Administration Control Panel
Adds an extra permission to allow administrator to create a new user account.
Gives the administrator the ability to instantly approve a new member after creation.
Rich McGirr / David Lewis
ACP Overwrite Module 1.0.0b  Enables an administrator to overwrite user’s time settings (timezone, daylight saving time, date format) through the Administration Control Panel. Andreas Fischer (bantu)
Admin Only Styles 1.0.0  Adds the ability to determine certain styles as admin only. Allows admins to view different styles without making them available to the entire forum. Gary Ostergren (Ozzie)
ADR Skin System [ADR addon] 0.0.2 Beta This MOD will alter the ADR system so that users can select skins and admin control the skins through the admin panel. weaponx
Advanced Dungeons & Rabbits 0.2.0  This mod adds a fully featured Roleplaying Game to your phpBB2 installation Seteo-Bloke
Advanced Meta Tags MOD 1.0.0  This mod automatically generates keywords and description Meta Tags based on the topic. When no topic is being viewed, Meta Tags displays global values set in the Admin Control Panel. MOD is validated for SEO use. David Lewis (Highway of Life)
BB Quote Back Link 1.0.3  This will add a back link to the quotes original post. Jeremy Gaines (Blue Blood)
Bots Page 1.0.2  This modification will add a Bots page containing info about the installed bots. Ulrik Christensen (Stoker)
Breizh Ajax Checks 1.3.0  This mod allows to perform ultrafast checks in real time (Ajax) for username, email address and password in the registration page (ucp.php?mode=register) and in the page edit account settings (ucp.php?i=profile&mode=reg_details).
This new version more rapid allows for checks username and password to each key press.
Full compatibility with the tab key navigation (Tab)
Philippe (sylver35)
Change Post Time 1.0.1  This MOD enables moderators/administrators to change the post time/date of a post/topic. Jeroen
Codebox Plus 1.1.1  Codebox Plus alow you to: expand/collapse code block, downloading code contents, syntax highlighting 200+ programming languages (using GeSHi) o0johntam0o
Comic Strips 0.3 Alpha Displays comic strips from national sites (ArcaMax & Go Comics). Users can pick their favorites to view or view them all and select a default zoom for viewing. Ozzie
Contact Admin 1.0.10  Allows guests and/or registered users to either send an email to admins or to either send a PM or make a Post in a designated forum. Rich McGirr (RMcGirr83)
Database Optimize & Repair Tool 1.0.2  This MOD will allow you to check, optimize and repair phpBB's database tables from a phpMyAdmin-like interface in the ACP. VSE (Matt Friedman)
Default Random 'No Avatar' 1.0.4b  Random Avatars are displayed by default for users who have not selected an Avatar. Pack includes 17 ‘No Avatar’ images. KillBill
DM Easy Download System 1.0.10  This mod will add an easy download system to your forum, where you can offer your user to download files from your webspace. If you have the Ultimate Points System installed, you will have additionally the possibility to let the users pay for their downloads. Felix Mueller / Christian Nowak / Vladimir Sokolov
Download Mod for phpBB 3 6.5.9  This mod generates a page of downloads for your phpBB 3 forum Karsten Ude
Football Pool 0.6 Alpha Run a football pool. Using the NFL .JSON file it will display current game(s) status, update games scores, send PMs to the weekly winner, add currency to the winners bank, and auto insert next weeks games into the database. It keeps win/loss stats for all of the teams and football pool participants for the year. Ozzie
Forum Sort Order 1.2.0  Adds topic time in UCP > Board preferences and viewtopic > Sort by.
Also adds Forum default to UCP > Board preferences and makes this default for all users.
Adds "Default topic list order:" to ACP > Forums > Edit forum, this might be overriden by the settings in UCP.
Adds possibility to override user sort settings in some forums.
Full Style Refresh 1.1.1  Small modification which allows to refresh templates, themes and imagesets of style with one click. Mateusz Małek
Genders 1.0.2  This Modification is a phpBB3 version of my phpBB2 genders mod. It does not have the options that the phpBB2 version has, but you can still change the gender image to text in your template.

Another change is that by default this MOD will use the "minigender" imageset that was already in niels' phpBB2 genders mod. However the other imagesets are still included, and can be found in the /contrib/ folder.

Thanks to following people, who created alternative gender images:
- "mini" imageset by Vinci
- "minigender" imageset from neils gender mod
- "default_darkbg" imageset by DreAdeDcoRpSE
- "(fe)male-images" imageset by Wout -- w00t
- "Planetary" imageset by HCP
- "prosilver" imageset by D-Shadow
William Jacoby / Igor Wiedler
Guest Hide BBCode MOD 1.4.1  With the [hide] BBCode, members can hide their message content from guest! Shapoval Andrey Vladimirovich (AllCity)
Hide the Red X 1.2.0  Show a custom graphic for broken images in posts. Jeremy Rogers (Thoul)
Highslide Attachment MOD 4.1.15  Makes attached images open in a nice popup layer. Large images fits screen (resized) with option to view fullsize.
With Gallery and lots of config options in the JS file.
Stoker (Stokerpiller)
HighSlide IMG BBCode Resizer 1.0 Beta Changes the BBCode [IMG] image to a thumbnail view (size determined by the board setting for Attachment Settings -> Image category settings - Maximum thumbnail width in pixels setting) which when clicked upon will open in the HighSlide JS viewer. Creates a new BBCode (ImgSig] that will allow signatures not to be affected by the HighSlide [IMG] tag changes. Ozzie