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Mods Database

Mod Title Version Description Author Location
ADR Skin System [ADR addon] 0.0.2 Beta This MOD will alter the ADR system so that users can select skins and admin control the skins through the admin panel. weaponx
phpbb Calendar 0.1.1  A calendar MOD for phpBB to allow users to post events for public or private view within phpBB. E. Ford / T. Farmer
phpBB Language File Validator 0.10 Beta Validates language files for phpBB. Identifies missing language files and missing language keys and provides a listing each missing item so they can be corrected. Gary Ostergren (Ozzie)
Advanced Dungeons & Rabbits 0.2.0  This mod adds a fully featured Roleplaying Game to your phpBB2 installation Seteo-Bloke
Comic Strips 0.3 Alpha Displays comic strips from national sites (ArcaMax & Go Comics). Users can pick their favorites to view or view them all and select a default zoom for viewing. Ozzie
Football Pool 0.6 Alpha Run a football pool. Using the NFL .JSON file it will display current game(s) status, update games scores, send PMs to the weekly winner, add currency to the winners bank, and auto insert next weeks games into the database. It keeps win/loss stats for all of the teams and football pool participants for the year. Ozzie
Intercept SPAM Registrations 0.8 Beta Uses StopForumSPAM.com to identify SPAMmers during the registration process, bans them from the board and send an update to StopForumSPAM.com with the username, IP and email address used for registration. A manual SPAMmer check page is provided to check emal, IP and username against StopForumSPAM.com and an added option is added to the user administration page to "Delete SPAMmer", which deletes the user, bans their IP and email address and notifies StopForumSPAM.com. A SPAMmer log is mainted for the Admin to view and a table with all of the added is supplied and filled out so everyone can see the SPAMmer information. Gary Ostergren (Ozzie)
HighSlide IMG BBCode Resizer 1.0 Beta Changes the BBCode [IMG] image to a thumbnail view (size determined by the board setting for Attachment Settings -> Image category settings - Maximum thumbnail width in pixels setting) which when clicked upon will open in the HighSlide JS viewer. Creates a new BBCode (ImgSig] that will allow signatures not to be affected by the HighSlide [IMG] tag changes. Ozzie
Ip Tracking 1.0.0  Ip tracker logs all requests to your forum. It is the Ip address, access times, requested page, referrer, user agent, user name and the user type (guest, bot, user, admin) will be logged. Christian
Notify Admin on Registration 1.0.0  When a new user registers on your board, a short e-mail with basic user info will be sent to all administrators (changed to designated users) of the board. Vojtech Vondra
Prevent Topic View Increase by Author 1.0.0  When an author views thier own topic, the view count will not increase. JC (BondGamer)
Advanced Meta Tags MOD 1.0.0  This mod automatically generates keywords and description Meta Tags based on the topic. When no topic is being viewed, Meta Tags displays global values set in the Admin Control Panel. MOD is validated for SEO use. David Lewis (Highway of Life)
Meta Tag Plus 1.0.0  Adds control to the boards meta tags to the ACP and extras Chris (CoC)
Users and Bots on Seperate Lines 1.0.0  With this mod your users and bots will display on separate lines within the stats section of your forum Rich McGirr (RMcGirr83)
PM Notify & Guest Register bar 1.0.0  This mod was originally created by Cback for phpBB2. When I converted to phpBB3 this mod was one of the first mods I modified and installed.
Later there was added some code provided by Strato at STG.
The PM Notify & Guest Register bar shows a bar with a registration link to Guests.
For registered users it shows a bar when there is new or unread Private messages. For the last part the users have to enable Pop up window on new private message in the user control panel.
Stoker (Stokerpiller)
Video Catalog 1.0.0  A Video Catalog for tracking your movies with specific details for each movie. Filters for each field, the ability to perform partial and full searches, and print those results. Converted from the phpBB 2 version to work with phpBB 3. Ozzie
Admin Only Styles 1.0.0  Adds the ability to determine certain styles as admin only. Allows admins to view different styles without making them available to the entire forum. Gary Ostergren (Ozzie)
Reset Login Attempts 1.0.0  Adds an option to the "quick tools" in ACP to reset the user's login attempts if login attempts are > 0. David Wood (david63)
Modification of Terms of Use 1.0.0  This MOD allows to modify terms of use Zoddo
ACP Overwrite Module 1.0.0b  Enables an administrator to overwrite user’s time settings (timezone, daylight saving time, date format) through the Administration Control Panel. Andreas Fischer (bantu)
Change Post Time 1.0.1  This MOD enables moderators/administrators to change the post time/date of a post/topic. Jeroen
Topic Cement 1.0.1  This MOD allows the members authorized (permission local/global 'm_set_priority') to give a priority on certain topics.
By default priority is zero; all topics with a priority of zero are sorted as they always have been: first by type, then by date of last post.
This mod inserts a new sort: first by type, then by priority (descending), and then by date of last post.
Mickaël Salfati (Elglobo)
Override User Settings 1.0.1  Allows admins to disallow users from changing their timezone and/or date format and/or DST settings. If overridden the users settings will be set to those of the board config when a user or admin updates that users profile. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait, or don't want to update each user independantly, you can use the ACP Overwrite Module MOD found on phpbb.com ( http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 9&t=966785 ) to change all users on your board to the board default settings. Richard McGirr (RMcGirr83)
Posting Template 1.0.1  This MOD will allow you to set a "posting template" on per-forum basis. The posting template is a predefined "text", that will appear if a user starts a new topic in that forum. Rich McGirr (RMcGirr83)
DM Easy Download System 1.0.10  This mod will add an easy download system to your forum, where you can offer your user to download files from your webspace. If you have the Ultimate Points System installed, you will have additionally the possibility to let the users pay for their downloads. Felix Mueller / Christian Nowak / Vladimir Sokolov